Vetyver Bergamot by Ingrid Starnes - Eau de Toilette 50ml

Ingrid Starnes


A modern take on some of the great elements in perfumery.

Vetyver, from the root of the vetyver grass - an other-worldly mystical scent, used in temple worship in India: heady and intoxicating. Vetyvers are often masculine, leather amber smoky and powerful. Bergamot the citrus flower, fresh and green and grapefruit and lime.

Our vetyver is different, from Java and so smokier than the traditional Indian or Haitian sources; it was once considered too raw for classic perfume.

As an all natural essential oil perfume this wears much longer than synthetics, and warms with the skin to evolve through the day. There is no animal testing of our products or oils. It's a fragrance we hope you will love to wear, a bit botanical, a bit green and a bit dark.

Made in New Zealand, printing by the Johnston Press. Bottles made in France. Farm from Java and Grasse.

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