NZ Natives Triptych - Stainless Steel Art

Lisa Sarah


Inspired by nature "natives" is inspired by New Zealand native plants. It depicts the nikau (palm), harekeke (flax) and ti kouka (cabbage tree).


Natives is a unique and contemporary piece for any home.

The nikau is the only native palm of New Zealand and found in coastal and warmer inland forests of the North Island.

Harakeke (more commonly know as flax, although it is actually a lily) is one of New Zealand's oldest plants.  Weaving harekeke has been a tradition passed on through generations in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Leaves from the ti kouka (cabbage tree) were traditionally used for thatching, ropes, net and baskets.

Pieces are cut out of 100% recyclable high grade (304) brushed stainless steel.   A set of 3, each plaque measures 95mm x 400mm.  The set weighs 1.5kgs.

Pieces can also be mounted on coloured acrylic or powder coated to match your decor.   Please enquire for price.

Suitable for inside or out.

This piece can be cut in size to suit your environment. Please enquire for price.

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