Illumina Reed Diffuser Fragrance Refills

Illumina Soy Candles


Make the most of your Illumina Reed Fragrance Diffuser with refills of their most well-loved fragrances to continue enjoying your beautiful room aroma every moment of the day. The superior scent 'throw' of the Illumina aroma diffuser means your whole room will take on your chosen fragrance and you'll enjoy soft, natural fragrance for up to 4 months - remember to flip your reeds regularly!

The refill is 200ml of fragrance, so you'll get two top ups of your 100ml luxe crystal-cut decanter, plus new diffuser reeds are included also.

Select your favourite fragrance - Botanical Rose, Sweet Pomegranate, Bamboo & White Lily, Kiwi Christmas (tropical aromas) or Kiwi Holiday (refreshing beachy scent).

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