Unicorn Dwelling Apothecary Jar

House of Botanica


Unicorn… That is pretty much all that needs saying here… WHO doesn't want one?!

The Unicorn Dwelling includes the following items and a full set of instructions on how to put together: 

1 Medium Glass Apothecary Jar (250mm x 130mm approx.)

2-3 varieties of Moss 

A selection of rocks, stones, branches & driftwood 


Activated Charcoal

1 Golden Unicorn & Pastel Bunting 

Protective tissue & custom carrier bag

Recommended care: Moss terrariums should sit out of direct sun. Mist with water every 2-4 weeks.

*Due to the handmade nature of this product, please be aware that natural materials may vary between purchases. We will also send this as a DIY kit so the Unicorns don't have a mini earthquake on their way to you-

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