Jurassic Aloe Dinosaurium

House of Botanica


In the land before time these Dino's rocked it around so why not have them looking cool in your home?

The Jurassic Aloe Dinosaurium includes the following items and a full set of instructions on how to put together: 

1 Large Vase (240mm x 180mm approx.)

2-3 Aloe Black Gem Plants

A selection of rocks, stones, branches & driftwood 


Activated Charcoal

3 Golden Dinosaurs 

Protective tissue & custom carrier bag

Recommended care: Aloe Black Gem terrariums should sit out of direct sun. Water every 1-2 weeks.

*Due to the handmade nature of this product, please be aware that natural materials may vary between purchases. We will also send this as a DIY kit so the dinos don't have a mini earthquake on their way to you-



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