Mr Vintage ~ Frosty Boy Infant Tee

Mr Vintage

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We’ve all been there; a hot summer's day with a Frosty Boy soft serve dripping down your hand, it can be a mess especially for the lil tykes, but the taste sensation exploding in your cooling mouth makes it all worthwhile. It’s been around forever, and even though the Ice Cream is clearly not to scale with the little boy – it’s still a pretty neat little logo that elicits memories from everyone’s childhood.

We used to do a lot of the baby onesies for the 0-24 month range, but we got a lot of feedback from the little guys that they were after tees instead – they were after a more mature look; they wanted the Mr Vintage tees like their parents. We duly obliged – the Mr Vintage kids tee. Just what your kid asked for. These tees are 220 gsm, 100% cotton, super fine 1x1 cotton ribbed, have two domes on the left shoulder to make things easy, and they’re double needled bottom hem and sleeves – so they’ll last longer.

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