Look at what they've done with recycled Soapstone!


In most quarries, up to 80% of all soapstone mined is deemed waste and these blocks of stone are left behind. From an environmental angle these blocks are turning what was once a beautiful natural environment into a mess.

Steven Chavez and Justin English have set out to clean up the disastrous quarries worldwide and find a purpose for the discarded soapstone. They turned to the stone’s natural properties which is one of the most effective for conducting and retaining temperature.

This is how SPARQ home was born.

We have a select range of wonderful recycled soapstone products from SPARQ, perfect for entertaining and the good old Kiwi BBQ!

My personal favourite is the Whiskey Rocks set - rock cubes that chill your drink without diluting it...genius.

But when you put your mind to it the options are endless - Ice cold Vodka, Guacamole that stays chilled, Gravy that stays warm, chilled platters... need we say more.

Thank you SPARQ .

Check out the full range here!

The Curator