Celebrating our local artists!

On my last trip to Hong Kong I visited a Kiwi expat friend's apartment for a cheeky afternoon beer.

Hong Kong has a ridiculous premium on space so everyone makes the most of the floorspace in their apartments. The thing that stood out to me the most about his apartment was an original ARA bus blind tastefully framed.

There has always been something special about coming from or having an association with New Zealand and the bus blind with the likes of "Waikowhai" "Orakei" and "Civic Centre" in a forty square meter apartment in the middle of Hong Kong somehow instantly made the space home.

All of us here at The Collectors want to share our local NZ art with you and the world so we will be sourcing iconic Kiwi prints and making them available for purchase in a range of sizes and framing finishes to give your space its own identity.

Check out the humble beginnings of our collection here and make make your own space just that.

The Curator