Had enough of kids' clutter and chaos?

Play Pouch is the perfect way to store kids' toy - Glitter Gold Dots Printed Play Pouch shownIf you're at your wits' end with kids clutter, make a start on junk-free June with this ingenious solution to toy storage. Best thing since sliced bread? We think so!

The Play Pouch is an Australian design (we have to get over that, these things are that good!) now available in NZ. Inspired by the sheet-and-string storage system of yesteryear, the play pouch flattens out to a circular canvas mat for playtime, then you can draw the string, with the toys in it, to make a great-looking, duffle-style bag for storage or travel. No more picking tiny toys up one by one!

With two different sizes (60cm Mini Pouch and 140cm Play Pouch or Printed Play Pouch) and a range of design and colour options, the Play Pouch combines the practicality of yesteryear with robust modern materials and good-looking style. Spread it out for playtime (finally, a way to get ALL THOSE LITTLE BIT OF LEGO under control!) then play and pack away. Smart. Simple. Stylish. Storage. We like.