Gift of the gab

Coming up with the perfect message for a gift card isn't always easy.Did you find the perfect gift for Mother's Day then stalled on what to write in the card without saying something that's been said A MILLION times before? Getting the gift (from of course!) is one thing... the gab to go with it for a special person and occasion is something else.

We've started collecting some ideas for your next memorable message - from those appropriate for lighthearted and happy events to the delicate and difficult occasions in life. Condolence messages can well and truly be in the "what do I say??" category - has some really lovely words. For life's happier occasions including a new baby, try Wishes Messages Sayings. Oops - missed someone's birthday? One of these messages might help you out. Then on a very light side note there's how to say everything while apparently saying nothing at all... a la How to speak Aussie.