It's Pink Ribbon breakfast month!

We're helping spread the word about a fundraising lunch next week - it's a little 'out of town' for most, but you don't have to attend; you can visit the host page to donate and every dollar really helps towards the fundraising target! All money 'collected' goes straight to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund the support, education and research that they undertake. Thanks for your help! 

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A big welcome to George & Friends...and Sasha!

Sasha with her George & Friends leash onGiven how important our canine companions are, we're RAPT to have discovered George & Friends' range of leashes and accessories. High quality and designed with dogs (and their people) in mind, we think these are better than you'll find in your average pet shop or vet. We reckon our doggy buddies agree - including our other new arrival Sasha the German Shepherd pup, who's not too sure about this modelling gig! Check out the George & Friends range here, plus we'd love to see you on The Collectors FB page with your best puppy training tip (before Sunday 30th April 5pm!) AND you'll go in the draw to win one of these great leads!

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Loving Little Grippers for little 'nippers'

Frog wall decal for children's decor - from Little GrippersWe have some great gift ideas from Little Grippers, including the very cute Duck and Frog wall decals - these are sure to delight the littlies in your life.

Duck wall decals for children's decor - from Little Grippers

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Gorgeous hand-crafted Illumina candle gift

Our first 50 customers to spend $55 or more on the gorgeous range of Illumina Soy Candles and accessories at The Collectors will also receive an Illumina Celebration candle (valued at $29.95) FREE.  

An alchemy of art and science, Illumina's hand-poured candles are crafted using traditional methods to ensure optimum burn time and luxurious natural fragrance.  They utilise safe soy wax that burns cleanly, so no 'nasties' are released into the air. They're also:

  • NO genetically modified materials
  • NO paraffin
  • NO unnatural additives
  • NO lead or zinc in the wicks
  • NON toxic
  • Kosher certified
  • NO deforestation of palm trees as only 100% renewable vegetable base is used
  • 100% biodegradable

Just add your choice of Celebration candle to the cart, and use discount code GWP16 at checkout with your qualifying spend. Get yours now while stocks last - click here.

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Beautiful and useful

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 
— William Morris
We agree! Treat yourself to something beautiful AND useful or find something for someone special in our gift selection... here.
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30% off clearance and seconds - stocks are limited!

This week we have goodies from cool, to kitsch to quirky - going, going, gone at 30% off in our Seconds & Clearance sale. Stocks are very limited - Click here to check them out.  Facebook Like Button

Cherry Soap by SabooThese 'grab yours before they're gone' deals include great gift ideas and goodies - Saboo and Fong Homm soapsTinker candles and Triumph & Disaster men's grooming products plus more... 

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Had enough of kids' clutter and chaos?

Play Pouch is the perfect way to store kids' toy - Glitter Gold Dots Printed Play Pouch shownIf you're at your wits' end with kids clutter, make a start on junk-free June with this ingenious solution to toy storage. Best thing since sliced bread? We think so!

The Play Pouch is an Australian design (we have to get over that, these things are that good!) now available in NZ. Inspired by the sheet-and-string storage system of yesteryear, the play pouch flattens out to a circular canvas mat for playtime, then you can draw the string, with the toys in it, to make a great-looking, duffle-style bag for storage or travel. No more picking tiny toys up one by one!

With two different sizes (60cm Mini Pouch and 140cm Play Pouch or Printed Play Pouch) and a range of design and colour options, the Play Pouch combines the practicality of yesteryear with robust modern materials and good-looking style. Spread it out for playtime (finally, a way to get ALL THOSE LITTLE BIT OF LEGO under control!) then play and pack away. Smart. Simple. Stylish. Storage. We like.

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Gift of the gab

Coming up with the perfect message for a gift card isn't always easy.Did you find the perfect gift for Mother's Day then stalled on what to write in the card without saying something that's been said A MILLION times before? Getting the gift (from of course!) is one thing... the gab to go with it for a special person and occasion is something else.

We've started collecting some ideas for your next memorable message - from those appropriate for lighthearted and happy events to the delicate and difficult occasions in life. Condolence messages can well and truly be in the "what do I say??" category - has some really lovely words. For life's happier occasions including a new baby, try Wishes Messages Sayings. Oops - missed someone's birthday? One of these messages might help you out. Then on a very light side note there's how to say everything while apparently saying nothing at all... a la How to speak Aussie.

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Shedding light on gift ideas for Mother's Day

What to get for Mum..?! We're shedding some light on this age-old conundrum with 20% off selected Illumina Soy Candles to light up your Mum's life. These long burning, high quality soy candles offer luscious, natural fragrances and give you the satisfaction of job done, gorgeous gift - GOT!

Or if she's the young at heart type, there's also 20% off the normal price for stylish Skullcandy Bombshell and Dime earbuds. Help Mum ban boring buds and give her something that expresses unique style AND gives great sound. 

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Look at what they've done with recycled Soapstone!


In most quarries, up to 80% of all soapstone mined is deemed waste and these blocks of stone are left behind. From an environmental angle these blocks are turning what was once a beautiful natural environment into a mess.

Steven Chavez and Justin English have set out to clean up the disastrous quarries worldwide and find a purpose for the discarded soapstone. They turned to the stone’s natural properties which is one of the most effective for conducting and retaining temperature.

This is how SPARQ home was born.

We have a select range of wonderful recycled soapstone products from SPARQ, perfect for entertaining and the good old Kiwi BBQ!

My personal favourite is the Whiskey Rocks set - rock cubes that chill your drink without diluting it...genius.

But when you put your mind to it the options are endless - Ice cold Vodka, Guacamole that stays chilled, Gravy that stays warm, chilled platters... need we say more.

Thank you SPARQ .

Check out the full range here!

The Curator

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